A Sixty-Dollar Sixty-Foot Selfie Stick

A sixty-dollar selfie stick? That is effectively what the C-Me CMe "Flying Camera" is; a pocketable, foldable "selfie" drone with a 20m range and a 1080p camera for video or still photography.

This model was introduced in 2017 at around $200, and is now available at Amazon and other retailers for around $60 - which makes it a decent buy. The video quality I have seen from different reviews is actually quite good for a small, (now) inexpensive drone platform.

With arms unfolded

To set expectations, of you think of this as a glorified selfie stick, you have the right idea. It's not fast (perhaps a brisk walking pace), has a limited range horizontally or vertically of about 20 meters (60-odd feet). It's a small device, so severely limiting the range greatly reduces the risk of losing it.

It is controlled solely by your Apple or Android smartphone or tablet, there is no transmitter or "joystick" controller. It's not a quad you would zoom around and do flips with; it's a smartphone-sized camera platform, with a manually tilt-able camera that should allow you to take some creative stills and videos.

You can record onto an SD card (not provided) at the full 1080p resolution, or to the mobile device at 720p. You can also post directly to several social media platforms directly from within the controller app. It has a basic "follow me" and "find me" capability, and also a one key "return to home".

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